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FNE-Finland – little giant of data transmission

FNE-Finland Oy is a rapidly evolving, Finnish backbone network operator providing reliable connections and comprehensive services to its customers. Our network is geographically extensive and our services are flexible according to customer’s needs.

Our nationwide fiber network reaches all major Finnish cities and economic areas. FNE access points can be found in major towns and in the premises of local network operators. Check the coverage area of the backbone network here.

We use technology that significantly reduces the need for electricity, space and active components in the backbone network. In this way, FNE can provide connectivity solutions in a fault-tolerant, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way.

Our customers include, for example, major operators, Internet service providers, datacentres, energy companies, municipalities and cities.
FNE co-operates with a number of local and regional network owners in order to supplement its own network.

Read more about our products below. Contact information can be found at the bottom of the page.

FNE-Finland’s services


The FNE DWDM wavelength service provides the fastest connection at long distances. A fully transparent and reliable data transfer service is an independent transport protocol and is compatible with all modern data transfer methods. The capacity ordered for connection is guaranteed and fully available to the customer.

Capacity: Ethernet 1 – 200 Gbps / Fibre Channel 1 – 16 Gbps
Interfaces: Ethernet 1000Base-LX, 10GBase-LR, 100GBase-LR4, 100GBase-CWDM4 / T11 (X3T9.3) Fibre Channel

MPLS network’s VPN products

FNE supplies pure Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet Based on the latest Juniper routing technology. The service can be connected to the local connections (end-user connections) of the operators through the FNE’s Network-to-Network interfaces or customer-specific fiber connections. FNE has over 50 NNI to different operators’ networks.

Capacity: 1 Mbps – 40 Gbps
Features: Ca. 400 backbone nodes / Completely transparent L2 circuit / MTU max 9100


The FNE IP Transit Service provides reliable and fast internet connections for customers with their own registered IP addresses, nationally and internationally.
All IPv4 and IPv6 routes are advertised for IP-transit customers using the BGP4 protocol. A default route can also be advertised to the customer if desired.

– FNE is in present in folloving IXPs: Ficix1, Ficix2, Ficix3, Trex (Finland) and Decix (Frankfurt, Hamburg, Düsseldorff, München)
– Our peering policy is open, we have over 400 AS-peering (January 2019)
– The connection speeds of the service are 1 Gbps – n x 100 Gbps

Dark Fiber

FNE rents and sells dark fiber in its entire fiber backbone to customers who want to build active networks with their own equipment.


FNE manages one of the most powerful networks in the Finland with a slim, effective, modern organisation. Our specialists help you with all your data connections and Internet capacity needs. If you have any question, please, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Visiting and mailing address:
Härkälenkki 3, 01730 Vantaa, Finland

All employee emails are: forename.surname(a)

Veli-Pekka Huttunen, CEO
+358 44 299 0592

Malla Lakso, CTO
+358 44 299 0878

Sami Laurinen, Production Manager
+358 44 299 0696

Teemu Nykänen, Network Specialist
+358 44 299 0679

Petri Kokko, Sales Director
+358 50 506 1667

Paula Markkanen, Manager, fiber network and general administration
+358 44 284 3706

Fault and disturbance notification related to Services 24/7:
+358 800 501 501

Fault and disturbance notification related to Dark Fiber network 24/7:
+358 290 222 241

Disturbance, attacks etc. things related to FNE Network IP-addresses:

Other technical question related to FNE IP-/MPLS Network: